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I am paid 5 times the amount of investment without introduction by myself.
I will receive it according to the rules below.

Atoz TOKEN Main Function
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Atoz Token?

It is made up of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, payment, carbon credits, and energy businesses.

  - Artificial intelligence is involved by mathematical formulas.
  - Currently, the price of a token is 0.1$.
  - The calculation mark is indicated by the number of tokens.
  - Continues money to make it easier to understand.

You should know this
I am paid 5 times the amount of investment without introduction by myself,
which is subject to the rules below.
ATOZ 8:2 law
Two accounts are created.
(Ex) Business Wallet 80 TOKEN : Credit Wallet 20 TOKEN
ATOZ X6 law
Each time you switch from the cash room above to the installment savings bank, you'll get six times more and accumulate in the installment savings bank.
ATOZ 1/1000 law
A chain of installment savings banks can be cashed every day, with an interest rate of 1000th-2 going to the cashier every day, whenever you want. However, more than 200 tokens are found in cash, converted to installment savings, or given to anyone, transferred, or settled.
ATOZ 30% rule
the interaction of individual transactions
* Works when sending and receiving members.
* When reduced, use cashier's tokens.